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Welcome to offer a wide range of quality Range Cookers from Britannnia Livin, Esse & Steel Cuicine. We also upply many Woodburning and Multifuel Stoves, Workshop and Greenhouse Stoves.

Range Cookers from top manufacturers...

Range Cookers from top manufacturers...

If you are looking for Range Cookers from Brittania Living or Steel Cucine, then look no further as we have some great offers, from these quality manufacturers.

Check out the Dual Fuel and the All Electric Britannia Ranges. Britannia also offer a range of XG Cookers which have a seperate Grill.

Steel Cucinespecialise in bespoke premium quality range cookers, manufactured at their state of the art facility in Carpi, Italy.

Steel Cucine

Steel Cucine

Steel Cucine have been producing professional quality range cookers and kitchen appliances for nearly 90 years and are renowned throughout Europe for their quality and design. In addition to range cookers, splash backs and range hoods, they have now launched a range of matching side-by-side refrigerators.

Whether it’s the funky coloured style of Genesi or the more traditional Ascot in rich country colours, professional functionality is built in as standard. These are some of the most prestigious cookers available. You choose the style, the size and colour, how many ovens you want and then decide what functions you want on the hob top and Steel Cuisine will make it for you. Every one of their range cookers is manufactured individually for you.

As you’d expect, all Steel Cucine ovens are 'A' energy rated and all the gas burners have flame failure devices built in. Quality and excellence of manufacture are standard. Every product is backed by a comprehensive 2 year parts and labour warranty to give you peace of mind. More information on Britannia Range Cookers...

Britannia Living

Britannia Living

Britannia Range Cookers are available in five product families, offering different styles, features and benefits to suit the requirements of all cooking enthusiasts. The Britannia Sigma, Britannia Dynasty, Britannia Classic, Britannia L Line and Britannia E Line are all built to a high quality specification, but suit different styles, depending upon whether you are looking for a modern, commercial or traditional design for your range cooker.

Britannia's main ovens feature 9 functions, so you can use the most suitable cooking style for each recipe. By selecting different elements within the oven, you can ensure that the heat is directed to the required cooking area. The second oven of the 90cm, 100cm and 110cm range cookers is deep enough to fit a roasting tin. Thanks to the unique QUICKSTART feature, Britannia 60cm ovens reach the ideal cooking temperature of 200°C in just six minutes. That's around three times faster than most ordinary ovens.

Anything that is usually prepared in a wok or frying pan, on a griddle or under a grill, can be prepared on the Chef Top - from a quick stir-fry to a full breakfast. And because you only need to use a little oil, it is a healthier way to cook. You can prepare several dishes (such as fish and meat) simultaneously on the Chef Top as there is no transfer of taste. Chicken, game, duck or any boneless roast joint can all be cooked to perfection with a grill rotisserie. Because the spit turns around slowly, there is minimum spitting (keeping the oven clean) and the meat self-bastes.

More information on Britannia Range Cookers...

Woodburning and Multifuel Stoves

We supply quality stoves from top stove manufacturers from around Europe. We offer woodburning and multifuel stoves from the following manufacturers: -

Aarrow Stoves >> Dunsley Stoves >> Hunter Stoves >>
Broseley Stoves >> Evergreen Stoves >> Nordpeis Stoves >>
Charnwood Stoves >> Franco Belge Stoves >> Stovax Stoves >>
Dik Geurts Stoves >> Gazco Stoves >> Suffolk Stoves >>
Dru Stoves >> Woodwarm Stoves >>

Workshop Stoves & Greenhouse Heaters

The Relax range of Wood burning Workshop stoves are an economical form of heating for workshops, greenhouses or industrial units, designed to burn wood off cuts, ( off-cuts ) shavings and sawdust.

Clever design and construction delivers preheated air to the heart of the fire bed, whilst an effective supply of secondary air ensures compliance with EEC Regulations regarding smoke emissions and burn rates. Relax stoves are also Sawdust Burners.

The RELAX R1, RELAX R2 & RELAX R3 offer outputs of 4Kw, 6Kw & 8Kw, while the larger stoves - The RELAX R4, RELAX R5, RELAX R6 & Relax R7 - should burn overnight without attention, if hardwood off cuts are used. The larger models off 12kW, 15kW, 20kW & 24kW.

The MULTIFUEL Pop3 Stove is a compact cast-iron stove suitable for burning coal, smokeless fuel and wood. It is perfect for use in small workshops, tack rooms etc.

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